Coromandel Oyster Company

Coromandel Oyster Company

We are sad to say that we will be closed for the next few weeks ... Monday 7th June - Friday 18th June; we had a small kitchen fire in the early hours of the night and need a couple of days to clean up and sort out.
Hopefully we'll be open on Friday 25th June, 2021.
A big thank you to everyone that has and is helping us with this and a BIG thanks to the Coromandel Volunteer Fire Brigade for their fast response ... you saved the day.
Hope to see you soon ...
1611 SH25, Manaia Road, Coromandel;
phone 07-866 8028
Orders online still available, please message us through our fb page or by email ... see links below ...

Seafood Deli, Oysters & Mussels

Brrrrr ... the mornings are getting colder and the evenings darker, so we're heading towards our winter hours ... we're still opening at 8:30am but there doesn't seem to be many people around after 4:30pm so that's when we're going to close for now ...
Monday-Sunday, 7days a week - 8:30am-4:30pm
1611 SH25, Manaia Road, Coromandel; phone 07-866 8028
Fresh season oysters direct from the farm gate and yummy hot food and takeaways.

Welcome to the Coromandel Oyster Company!

Our shop is open 7 days a week from 8:30am - 4:30pm

We also process online orders Monday-Thursdays to send out overnight, so you're welcome to order online by messaging our facebook page @corooyster - (20+) Coromandel Oyster Company Limited | Facebook.

We're situated on the south side of the Coromandel township, and serve freshly harvested oysters, scallops, cooked fish & chips and steamed mussels.

We aim to be the friendliest staff in town and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Come and try our freshly shucked oysters, world famous mussel chowder, Paua or mussel fritters and our inhouse oyster fritters.

We are also selling our own marinated local mussels, and scallops when in season.

We can courier our products anywhere in New Zealand to help with your event or celebrations or just to help you celebrate life.